Energy Efficient Building


Lou Levy Construction Specializes in Energy Efficient Building


Lou Levy Construction offers Consultation, Design & Installations of Energy-Efficient Buildings.

Building or Addition Assessments


We will consult on the assessment of your existing home or the design of a building addition or retrofit to incorporate the applications of Green & Natural Building that lead to a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.



There are many elements that go into a construction project. The applications of a green & natural building can be implemented in many of the following ways.


  • Non-toxic, Natural & Sustainable Material applications
  • Proper Building Layout on Site for Solar Gain & Weather Protection
  • Passive Solar Design & Retrofits
  • Active Solar Installations
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Alternative Heating Systems
  • Proper Ventilation & Humidity Control
  • Minimizing Electromagnetic fields




Bau-Biologie is a holistic approach to Energy Efficient Buildings. As a trained Bau-biologist and a general contractor for 50 years, my approach to Energy Efficient Building and Green & Natural Building is by treating the environment of the home as a living unit.


To create Energy Efficient Buildings and green structures may entail some of the applications as referenced. A sustainable structure incorporates all the different aspects of green & natural building applications together to create a completely healthy living environment within the structure, operating as an ecological system.

Cob Construction


Cob construction is a traditional building technique, which uses a mixture of clay, sand, soil and straw, used to form monolithic walls of the building,or as in fill in a post & beam structure. It is also very earthquake resistant as it has withstood testing of up to 7.5 on the Richter scale before beginning to fault.


This material can be used very sculpturally to build fireplaces,stoves,outdoor ovens & garden walls and built-in benches, as well as doing applied mud plaster reliefs.

This ancient building method can be found across the globe spanning back thousands of years. Many homes as well as multi-storied structures in Europe ranging from 200-1,000 years old are still lived in.


Cob is a non-toxic and sustainable material which is well suited for use in passive solar structures, as well as adhering to the principles of Bau-Biologie, allowing for a breathing wall system.

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